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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

Anaheim, CA

The Flood Expo California

The Flood Expo

The Heat & Fire Expo California

The Heat & Fire Expo

The Storm Expo California

The Storm Expo

Attend The Natural Disasters Expo on November 9th & 10th to meet face to face with the Tornado Hunters!

Ricky Forbes: Speaking at the The Earthquake Expo California

Ricky Forbes

Professional Storm Chaser  -  The Tornado Hunters

Learn how to Storm Chase from a Tornado Hunter

Through his decade-long career as a professional tornado hunter, Ricky Forbes has spent years learning firsthand the ins and outs of storm chasing. 

In this presentation full of dynamic imagery, Ricky shows you exactly how they chase storms, what they look for and how to do it as safe as possible.

Chris Chittick: Speaking at the The Earthquake Expo California

Chris Chittick

Storm Chaser  -  The Tornado Hunters

Safety Management from the Eye of the Storm!

As one of the world’s leading storm chasers, Chris Chittick, has experienced Mother Nature at her wildest and seen the destruction that can happen. From tornadoes to hurricanes, lightning storms to large hail events, Chris has been there documenting it all. In this talk Chris will speak to these experiences covering survival tips, safety protocols and discussing myths surrounding these natural disasters.