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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

Anaheim, CA

The Flood Expo California

The Flood Expo

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The Heat & Fire Expo

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The Storm Expo

Join Resilience Innovation Hub At The Ultimate Destination For Disaster Preparation Specialists And Emergency Response Professionals - The NDE Expo

With over 300 major disasters occurring in California over 66 years, primarily wildfires and floods, it is known as one of the most disaster-prone states in the country. Could there be a better location for our first event on the West Coast? We can't think of one, so we're bringing the Natural Disasters Expo to the Anaheim Convention Center on November 9th & 10th, 2022. Attending this year's show will allow you to connect with thousands of business and industry professionals not only from California but from around the globe. The two jam-packed days offer dozens of expert-led seminars such as flooding detection & prevention, heat protection, storm mitigation & management, and more - everything you need to prepare your home or business from the ground up. At this year’s show, we will be joined by the team of Resilience Innovation Hub, be sure to check them out and book a meeting to meet face-to-face at the event.

Resilience Innovation Hub’s mission is to strengthen institutions and communities through more efficient and effective pathways to relevant ideas, practical solutions, proven technical and engineered products, and a wide range of data and intelligence to reduce future risks. No region nor industry sector is immune to drought, flood, storm, spills, fires, earthquakes - and of course more recently health-related pandemics. As each threat and incident occurs, government and business alike face costly recovery and rebuild of their assets, facilities, infrastructure, and the lives of their citizens and employees. They support their Members through innovative technology, advanced equipment, and integrated data-science companies - with several professional services to help them grow, compete, and ultimately transform resilience across public and public sector market demands.

Anaheim is the second largest city in Orange County and home to one of the most popular theme parks in the US, Disneyland. Its natural landscape rich in native plants and craggy beach coves and mountains makes it a congenial place to live, but its beautiful landscape leaves it prone to the occasional disaster. With climate change making it difficult to make accurate weather predictions there is no better time to start protecting your home and business from the disastrous weather that can occur. The Natural Disasters Expo makes it easier than ever to connect with and do business with one another face-to-face! Along with Resilience Innovation, we hope that you will join us there, doors open at 10 am and the fun ends at 4 pm on both days, Keynote and Seminar sessions run throughout. Tickets are 100% free so register to attend now!